Donald Trump is excepted to be advised by the world’s major powers that a two-state solution is the only way to bring peace in the Middle East.  He will attend U.N Security Council meeting today in Paris.

The meeting will be attended by European and Middle East states and permanent U.N members.  Neither Palestine or Israel will be represented.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described the meeting as “futile” and “rigged.”

Trump’s Pro-Israel Line

Trump has stated he will pursue a more pro-Israel line when he takes office and will move the U.S embassy to Jerusalem, a move which is at odds with many in the international community.

A French diplomat commented, “It would be a unilateral decision that could escalate tensions on the ground.  It’s not negligible that 70 countries recall (the need for) a two-state solution when his administration could implement controversial measures that may aggravate things.”

Reuters reports seeing a draft communiqué which details how the two-state solution is the only way forward and asks both sides to reaffirm to it.  It also asks doubters to “refrain from unilateral steps that prejudge the outcome of final status negotiations”.

Israel – U.S Relations at a Low

Relations between U.S and Israel under the Obama administration have reached a low ebb.  Recently, the U.S chose not to veto a U.N resolution that declared certain settlements in the West Bank as illegal.

The secretary of state at the time, John Kerry, said the settlements threatened Middle East peace.

Trump has been warned by Palestinian President Authority Mahmoud Abbas who wrote to the president-elect over moving the embassy to Jerusalem.  In a letter he stated that it could kill off the peace process and wreck the fragile status quo.

Most Middle East states are taking a cautious approach with the incoming administration.