President Donald Trump’s immigration plans have been derailed after a federal court granted an emergency stay – which means migrants who have been detained at airports across America cannot yet be deported.

The documentation has been issued at the federal court for the Eastern District of New York and is effective across the country. currently, none of the migrants held in airports across the US can be sent back to the countries they travelled from. But, nor do they have to be allowed into America, which could leave many in limbo.

However President Trump is continuing to defend his immigration plans, which have provoked anger across the country as a number of migrants were banned from entering America, including families with children and even Ivy League students. The president has said that his ban on the citizens of seven countries from coming into America is not a ban on Muslims, and went on to say that it was “working very nicely”.

Stopped from entry

On the ground, however, there was confusion at airports across the US and people were stopped trying to enter the country. The ban means that some people who are not American citizens have found they cannot get back into the country, even though they have been living or studying in the US for a number of years. The situations has arisen with migrants trying to enter the US just after President Trump signed the executive order to bring his plans into force.

According to officials from Homeland Security, there are around 375 people who are currently affected as a result of the new rules. Out of those, 109 were already on their way to America and were denied entry when they got there. A further 173 were prevented from getting on planes heading to the US, and 81 people who were carrying green cards of special immigrant visas were given waivers.