Twitter and Facebook officials guaranteed Congress this week that they are insistently working to remove foreign attempts used to spread disagreement in America. In addition to this, they committed to better defend their social websites against manipulation at the time of 2018 midterm elections. Sheryl Sandberg (the second-most important executive of Facebook) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter’s CEO) testified in front of the Senate intelligence group this week.

Dorsey went in front of a House panel unaccompanied to talk about Republican concerns claiming Twitter is shadowing conservatives. Dorsey refused the claims. President Donald Trump has claimed that Twitter is partial against Republican opinions. Senators had harsh words for Larry Page (Alphabet CEO). Sen. Marco Rubio recommended that the firm was a no-show since it was “egotistical.” Sandberg’s appearance follows several months after Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) testified at Capitol Hill hearings.

On a similar note, the Facebook-controlled Instagram has launched out a new function that will permit parents to trace the social media account of their children on the photo-sharing app. Dubbed as “A Parent’s Guide,” this feature has been particularly designed for parents of youths who employ Instagram. Quite particularly, the guide is targeted at parents who may not know how the photo-sharing app operates.

For example, this new feature also provides a Glossary segment that comprises words such as IGTV, feed, Stories, and so on to familiarize them with the language of Instagram users. “We have always been aimed at making certain that the community on Instagram is safe & supportive, and we have been creating tools to proactively care for the users who use our services,” Instagram claimed in a blog post. Via this feature, Instagram needs to deal with 3 things: how to supervise the privacy of kids, time spent on Instagram by them, and how they communicate with people.

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