Paul Nuttall leader of UK Independence Party (UKIP) announced his candidacy to stand for election in the Stoke Central by-election.

The election which occurs next month and will see the leader represent UKIP in what many feel will be a tight fought election.  He was unopposed by the rest of his party.

Mr Nuttall speaking after his selection to stand said that he would fight for local people to have priority on housing lists, and for people of the Midlands to be able to afford a house, a holiday, and a car.

He added he would fight for quality education to help young people in the North to fulfil their potential, decent wages, and to scrap the bedroom tax.

He also talked about a stronger military, tougher sentencing for criminals, and to tackle the spread of radical Islam.

One idea that is not floated by the other parties is that he wants a solely English Parliament.  He said, “I am sick and tired of Englishness being the one national identity in our island that is not allowed to speak its name.

“And let me tell you, I am English and I am proud of it and unlike Labour I am also proud of our flag.”

Mr Nuttall made clear when he became UKIP leader that he wanted to take on Labour in its northern heartlands.  As well as the Stoke Central seat the party is also hoping for a win in the Copeland by-election held on the same day.

UKIP Would Need a Sizeable Swing

For UKIP to beat Labour in Stoke it would need to gain a sizeable swing.  It was second to labour in 2015.  Labour had 12,220 votes to UKIP’s 7,041.

What could be a deciding factor is that the constituent voted to leave the EU so a lot can depend on the Labour candidates views on Brexit.