Yegna, an Ethiopian NGO that has helped shed awareness and fight for the rights of young women in the country through means of music and the radio have just lost all their financial assistance that had been sent to them occasionally by the UK.

The cancellation of further financial aid comes as the press had slammed the all five girl group, which led to a response by Yegna on the Daily Mail in which they stated that they had been seriously misunderstood and their cause had received an extremely distorted representation.

Yegna have been regarded as Ethiopia’s Spice Girls, and they have addressed major issues within their nation such as forced marriages for young women, lack of education and violence.

Good Causes Gone Bad

Kate Osamor, the secretary for shadow international development stated that the press had inaccurately labelled the group by referring to them as nothing more than a simple pop band, and that all the funding that they had received was not to their pockets for success, but was distributed for a far more focal point for the cause, and the press had completely disregarded all information and manipulated the matter into their own hands.

Not a Priority

Osamor stated in utter frustration that rightwing media seems to be keep every type of good cause, objective, policy and life to be trapped in strictly their own way of seeing the matter.

Osamor says that the aid that had been supplied to Yegna should never be regarded as simply a matter of “one size fits all according to what we in the west think is what is needed.”

A spokesperson stated that although the encouragement for women’s right is indeed a priority globally, the UK apparently must analyze furthermore what exactly they should invest their time and money in as a top priority, so as to offer the poor nation of Ethiopia and others a better and more valuable effort from their side later on.