Some grocery shoppers who thought they had their Christmas meal all sewn up by managing to secure a delivery slot with one of the big supermarkets have slammed what actually arrived.

Shoppers have criticised supermarkets for ruining Christmas by failing to bring certain vital items, and making strange substitutions for some of the things which did arrive.

Consumers immediately took to social media to complain that they had not received what they ordered, including such items as roast potatoes, even though many had booked a delivery slot three months ago to make sure they could get their shopping.

Shoppers at Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons sid that items had not turned up, had come late, or that portion sizes were smaller than expected. One shopper posted an image of a portion which appeared to have only four sprouts in it, while another showed a tiny chicken which was meant to feed four people. Another shopper showed an image of a trifle which had been delivered upside down.


Some shared text messages which they had received warning them even before they got their delivery that it had a high number of substitutions and missing items.

Customers pointed out that the reason they booked a delivery was so they did not have to go out grocery shopping on one of the busiest days of the year.

Kate Loynes wrote that the one thing her family wanted to avoid on Christmas Eve was going to the supermarket, but because of Ocado, that was where her husband was heading.

When Ocado said sorry, she said: “Not good enough though. Just wrecks Christmas, adds whole new level of stress & upsets everyone. Shocking really given my loyalty.”

Meanwhile, another wrote that they had not got the sage, Baileys cream, physalis, peas, mint, raspberries, grapes, chesnuts or parsnips that she had ordered.